Fast and easy weight loss tips this 2017


There’s a lot of ways for faster weight loss.

But most of these options will leave you starving and disappointed.

Hunger will certainly make you quit immediately if you don’t have the determination to lose those weights.

This review will help you:

Change your appetite drastically.

Cut off those unwanted weights fast without starvation.

And simultaneously enhance your metabolic health.

Decreasing Your Sugar and Starch Intake

cl2One of the basics is cutting back on your carbohydrates, which are the starches and sugars.

Insulin is a hormone responsible for storing fats in our bodies. With this, foods with starch and sugar fuel up insulin.

If insulin lowers, then the fats in your body will be able to easily get out from the fat storages. Your body will then start burning the fats away instead of the carbs.

Also, your kidneys will remove those extra water and sodium out your system if your insulin goes down. This helps decrease excessive water weight and bloat.

It’s not particularly unusual to lose 10 pounds or more, from body fat and water weight, within the first week with this eating habit.

Effects of Meat, Fat and Vegetables in Weight Loss


Your meals must contain proteins, fats, and vegetables that are low-carb. The recommended carb intake ranges from 20-50 grammes a day and with these meals, it will definitely help you reach the range.

Here are some foods rich in protein:

Meat – chicken, pork, beef, lamb, etc.

Seafood and Fish – trout, salmon, lobsters, shrimps, etc.

Eggs – recommended are pastured eggs or eggs enriched with Omega-3.

I cannot emphasise more on how important eating lots of protein is.

Eating protein has shown great improvement on metabolism (80-100 calories/day).

By simply having protein in your diet, it can lessen your late night cravings by 50%, diminish your fixated thoughts of food by 60%, and let you eat fewer than 441 calories a day.

Protein is on top of everything when talking about losing weight.

  Here are some low-carb vegetables:

  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Kale
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Swiss chard

Lifting Weights At Least Thrice a Week


You’re not really obliged to do exercises to lose weight, but doing so is highly recommended.

It is best to do your exercise in the gym. You can ask for help from a trainer if it’s your first time. Or if going to the gym is too much hassle, try building your own gym. I suggest converting your loft and building your home gym there (see loft conversions in Clapham).

Do some warm-ups, lift some weights, and stretch as well. You can do this maybe 3-4 times a week.

Weight lifting can help you burn some calories and your metabolism can be prevented from slowing down by lifting weights.

There are studies showing that it is possible for you to develop your muscles and drop substantial body fats off when having a low-carb diet.

But if you don’t feel like weight lifting is for you, then you can go with the simpler ones. You can do workouts for cardio like swimming, running, jogging, or even walking will do.

By following this plan, you can definitely get rid of those weights you’ve been trying to take off from your shoulder. Just start with one step at a time and you will see the results in your body gradually until you’ve reached your goal.  All you need to have is some dedication and willpower to lose those weights.

Obesity Statistics From The Entire World [Infographic]

Obesity is the biggest problem for most developed countries. By 2030 more than half of the world’s population could reach obesity, meaning, most citizens of developed nations would have a BMI higher than 30.

Putting yourself at risk of cancer, heart diseases and type-2 diabetes is never an option.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating. You have to eat, but eat the right food that would help your body fight against obesity and doing the proper exercise needed to lose that extra weight.