Expanding Your Roof: Couple Tips

Can’t stop thinking about how to do a loft conversion? Do you live in a single-family house, the last floor or a space with high ceilings and have you thought about doing it by modifying the height but you do not know if it is possible?

Although it is a more complex work than the one of gaining habitable square meters, enlarging the house “in width” and taking advantage of a higher height than usual to create an intermediate floor and generate two levels where before there was only one can be feasible solutions.

Of course, they require careful studies of technical and urban feasibility. We go over everything there is to know when embarking on a work of this type.

Is it possible to increase the height of a home to gain living space with a loft? This question, which certainly must have been made by many owners at some point, involves many technical and administrative issues that should be considered before embarking on works.

There are two great possibilities to gain useful meters in a house by raising the height of an existing building: by creating an intermediate floor in an interior space -when the free height allows it- or extending the height of it above the last forged, that is, adding more height to the building.

In the first case, it must be verified that the buildability of the plot (the allowed square meters of the buildable area) is not exhausted and that the bearing structure of the existing building is viable to support a new slab.

In the second case, in addition to the two previous conditions, it would be necessary to verify that it would remain within the limits of the maximum permitted height, in addition to complying with the urban regulations with respect to the composition of the loft.