How I became young and fit once again

Many of us understand what happens when a man comes at a certain age. Along with kids and wife. Pounds. Bally fat and lack of motor ability. Of course, some of the people stayed fit and good looking, but some do change into XXL shirts carrier. What to say? I did a lot of jobs during my life, most of my early life I worked as a physical worker, some time spent as a firefighter also. Any way. I was always a guy who had to wear safety clothing for work. So, most of mine life I had a strong and well-shaped body and good motor skills. My job and my life depended on it. But after some injury on a workplace, I became disabled and I couldn’t continue to do same tips of jobs as before the accident.

So I started to do commercial marketing and drive trucks. With new kind of jobs came new kind habits. I started to eat more sweets and drink much more amount of beer.  One day when I realized that after, fiscally, hardworking twenties I spending my thirties as I am at least fifty years old. Things went quite serious in, relatively, short time. I became fat, my arms and my legs became huge and my belly was not sexy at all.

I decided to make changes

When I started to complain to my wife about my weight, she looked at me like I am crazy. So many times during this short period of mine elephant development, she tried to warn me about the state of my body, and suddenly, after so many time of ignoring her, I started to complaining to her like it is her fault.  Apparently, state of my mind changed as well.

So I decided to make changes. It wasn’t easy when I started my new life regime, but, day by day, a start to change my habits. First I reduce the level of red meat and fast food. I started to drink more liquid and pay attention when I eat. After a few weeks, I started with long walks. My wife did compline about it, accusing me that I’m cheating on her, so after a few weeks, I started to run. Which help to save some time, and sort things with my wife, of course, and burn more calories.

Final improvement

After a few months, when I saw that state of my body, as well as the state of my mind, is improving. I started with pushups and crunches. Different sorts. Started with 100 pushups and 100 crunches a day. It is important to say, that I did not stop with my running routine. I just reduced it at 3 times a week. But, after a big talk with my wife, I started a long run.

After six months after starting my change, I lost ten pounds and got much healthier. I managed to be more productive in my workplace. And my love life. Me and my wife, well, let me just say that we are both going for long runs in the countryside.