Maintain Your Spine Healthy With These Everyday Exercises

Any kind of pain is not good for you and if you do not treat it, it can cause further problems and serious injuries. The problems with the spine can appear due to various reasons at any age and it is imperative to treat the problems and have a healthy spine. One of the good ways to maintain a healthy spine is through the exercises that might prevent any back pain. Stretching is one of the best ways to keep your spin healthy. Therefore, you can include these exercises in your everyday routine to have a healthy spine. Visit to learn more.

Back flexion exercise

This exercise is one of the best exercises not only for the spin, but also for the entire body. The best time to perform this exercise is in the early morning and in the afternoon, before the evening. You need to lay back on the floor and then pull both knees up to your chest, while your hands are on the knees. At the same time, push your head forward to stretch your spin gently. Do this slowly and repeat this exercise 5-10 times in one session. Always take a break between the sessions.

Knee-chest stretch

The previous exercise is good for the entire body, although the main focus is on the spine. Knee to chest exercise is solely focused on the back/spin, as you work with the knees in the fixed position of the rest of your body. Start by laying back again, while your heels are on the floor. Slowly bend one knee and put your hands on the bent knee. Now, bring the knee all the way up to your chest while holding the knee with your hands.

Repeat the same procedure with the other knee and try to do as slowly as possible.

Chin chest stretch

This is one of those exercises that any chiropractor will recommend you to do, whenever you have time. While it may look simple and ineffective, it is actually a really effective exercise that makes your neck and spine work. The neck is connected to your spine and if you move your neck, you move your spine also.

Chin chest stretch
Chin chest stretch

Therefore, you can do this exercise in a standing or sitting position. Tilt your head towards the chest in a slow-motion until you touch the chest with chin. You can do this while sitting at the computer or any other time and try to perform it frequently. There is the variation of this exercise – you bend your head to the side as if you were touching your shoulder with your ear.

Stretching of your hip

Start by standing in the position where your legs are aligned with shoulders. Make one or a half step back using your left foot. Now, bend the other leg and try to shift your weight to the left hip. Keep your legs stretched and straight while reaching down the floor with your left leg until you feel stretching. Repeat the process with the other leg.