weightsPowerblocks are adjustable dumbbells. It’s like when you’re in the room on a machine and you change the load with a pin. On power blocks, it’s the same thing and very convenient.

You can in an instant choose your desired load, 2 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg, 9 kg, 11 kg, 14 kg, 16 kg, 18 kg, 20 kg, and 22.5 kg!

They represent the dumbbells of the future and yet the first model’s date from 1993!

The advantages over conventional dumbbells

First, it’s the place power blocks occupy. If we replace a pair of power blocks by 10 pairs of dumbbells, I let you imagine the gain of space.

With conventional dumbbells, (like my old dumbbells pictured below), with every exercise change, you lose time changing the weight of your dumbbells. With the power blocks, you choose the load you want according to a color and then you just have to move the clips on this color, and voila!

Their shapes are very compact. They are much shorter than my conventional dumbbells and you have a better grip on their rubber grips. Which gives us a better execution of the movements.

In addition, the quality is good because they are guaranteed 15 years in domestic use.
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