The History And Origins Of Chiropractic Medicine

We talked to the Best Chiropractor in Dubai who decided to give us a short intro to this discipline. The early beginnings of chiropractic medicine date to 1895 when Daniel David Palmer in Iowa had the first treatment of a patient who lost hearing ability in a moment when he moved in the wrong direction and misadjusted vertebra.

Having heard the story, Palmer asked a man to lie down on the floor with the face down and did the first chiropractic adjustment.

How did Palmer come to chiropractic?

The most probably came from early metaphysics studies that led him to magnetic healing, when he wanted to mix metaphysics and science. His explanations on this science were incredibly similar to Andrew Still’s concept of osteopathy, coined some 15 years before. Still, Palmer did believe that spinal manipulation and nerve-stimulating techniques made this science different from osteopathy. However, he did admit that he learned a lot from facial diagnosis and electropathy, which helped him to come up with his own type of medical treatment.

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His later studies were mostly based on controlling health through nerves. According to him, vertebral improper movement can cause nerve pining that leads to health problems. He also noted that more than 90% of conditions and illnesses come from the subluxated vertebra and that everything can be solved with the adjustment of the vertebra. Palmer never thought of his discipline to be religious, but purely the combination of art and science. Palmer died in 1913 after the doctors could not save his life once his son ran over him with a car accident.

The trial for the discipline

At first, no one did believe Palmer’s ability and since this kind of treatment could not be understood among people of that time, people were a bit skeptical in the beginning. Rushed by the successful treatments, Palmer conducted several illegal treatments that were not in accordance with Wisconsin’s osteopathy law at that time.

That resulted in being imprisoned by the state law. He did defend himself on the court using nothing but a book. The book was first Modernized Chiropractic whose authors were self-taught chiropractors. Still, that did help him to achieve fame and become one of the first chiropractors.

Using the nervous system as a weapon

The main core of Palmer’s new (pseudo) science lies in the use of the nervous system for making the adjustments, regardless of the part of body. According to his words, they can perform spinal manipulation to improve someone’s health, which was the plain truth in the case mentioned in the beginning of this article.

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The key in a problem is when a single nerve is pinned for some reason, which causes the pain or lack of mobility. The medicine later did prove the concepts of this medicine and it became accepted all around the world, especially once it became approved in Louisiana and Kansas. It lasted till 1910s to 1970s when this medicine became accepted and acknowledged.