The Three Most Effective Exercises You Can Do At Home

Staying healthy is one of the key elements in our lives and one of the best ways to stay healthy is having regular exercise. Today, our lives are so fast that we sometimes simply have no time to go to the gym. A sports chiropractor in Fredericksburg VA said that would be perfectly fine to exercise at home, so if you do not have time to visit the gym, you can do it at your home. We will present you simple exercises that are highly effective and that you can do at your home.


These are a form of pushups and an exercise that hits your back, hips and butt as well as shoulders. Start by laying down on the floor on your stomach and extend your legs, while your toes are turned away from your shins.

Superman push-ups

Align head with the spine, exhale, stabilize your spine and raise slowly your hips off the floor, while raising arms at the same time. Legs and arms must be extended and you must prevent any rotation. Once you lift up a bit, stay in that position for two or three seconds and then exhale and slowly get back into your starting position. This exercise is called “Superman” as it reminds of a Superman that flies. 

Regular pushups 

Pushups are one of the best ways to stay fit and in the shape, as it is completely natural exercise where you basically lift your weight. Start by kneeling on the floor and placing your feet behind you. Now, place your palms in a flat position, while holding your shoulders and hand at the same width.

Regular push-ups 
Man doing Regular push ups

The next step is to transfer weight forward and position your shoulders just above the hands. Now, “stiffen” your torso to contract muscles and align the head with the spine. Slowly lower the body but stay rigid without disrupting the body’s position. Once you touch the floor with your torso or chin, go up in a slow manner and allow elbows to flare outside. No sagging is allowed, so you must stay rigid during the movement and transition.

Squat jumping

One of the most effective exercises are squats, especially when you add jumping to this. Start by placing feet and hips at the same width, as this is the most important thing for effective squats. Now, shift your hips backwards slowly and then downwards and continue that until you feel that your heels are about to lift from the floor.

Have in mind that your back SHOULD stay flat, so try to bend your hips a bit forward. Once you get all the way down and your heel are about to lift up,  explode and jump as high as you can. Keep in mind that your feet must stay on the same level/height, especially when you land back to avoid possible injury. Also, avoid moving forward to much as this could bend you forward and create excessive weight and stress on your knees.